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Vote for Goo!

2008-01-22 13:55:14 by Tommunism


Yes...umm...Vote for Goo. I've worked my fucking ass off on this game. I built the entire thing from the ground up and it ISN'T on the XNA platform. Goo wouldn't run on the XNA platform based on the amount of technical trickery that I do to get the realtime music visualization and the ungodly amount of physics to run at over 60FPS at high resolutions. Anyways..the demo is out there and if you have the specs (Dual core, high end graphcis card) try it out. Vote here: VOTE FOR GOO!. Thanks to Tom for the shout out on the front page!



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2008-01-22 23:40:42

Goo is awesome :) You put alot of work into it, hopefully it'll all pay off :D Too bad it lags on my laptop :( Good luck with peanut butter.


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